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Playboy likes Blue's Egg

Published Nov. 18, 2014

Take it for what its worth, but Playboy Magazine has Blue's Egg as one of its 101 best breakfasts in America (don't worry, the link is reasonably safe for work). The restaurant at 317 N. 76th St. came in 21st place out of 23 Midwest selections, just behind Mickie's Dairy Bar in Madison.


TV Guide Network series focuses on child talent agency

Published Oct. 11, 2013

Sometimes it is the situation that the cast of characters are in that make the show. At other times, it is the personality of the cast itself that makes a program worth watching. The latter is the case for "Mother Of All Talent" that premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 22, on the TV Guide Network.


New "View" host McCarthy judged on beliefs, not ability

Published July 17, 2013

When "The View" on ABC announced this week that Jenny McCarthy would be joining the cast, it didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was the bigger deal people made that she would use the job to preach against vaccinations for children.


Local adult film star hopes to burn brightly, briefly

Published July 13, 2011

Victoria Rae Black was born in West Allis, moved to South Milwaukee where she went to high school. Then she settled in Bay View. She was a waitress, first at Ouzo Café and then at John Hawks Pub, where she also bartended. Now, Black is well on her way to becoming a big name in porn. spoke to Black recently; here's the interview that is "safe for work," but obviously is not intended to be read by children.


Guess where Playboy magazine is printed?

Published March 14, 2009

If you said our very own state of Wisconsin, you win! It's true: since 1985, Wisconsin-based Quad Graphics has printed the popular men's magazine. According to Elizabeth Austin, the vice president of corporate communications for Playboy, Quad prints 2.6 million copies of the magazine each month.

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