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From Oma's Kitchen: Pork and dumplings

Published Oct. 12, 2009

In the spirit of Dining Month, I'm sharing some of my great-grandmother's best recipes. First up: a delicious pork roast and bread dumplings.


It's pigs aplenty at Jerry's Old Town Inn

Published Aug. 28, 2000

Pigs aplenty! Pigs galore! There's more pork per seat than any other restaurant in the nation. No, not on the customers, but the ribs. Forty tons, that's right, 40 tons of slow-cooked baby back ribs fly out of the bustling Germantown restaurant each year, and Jerry's takes a back seat to no one when it comes to selling platters full of barbecue ribs.

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Cowboy Stew Redux: Stellar Tamale Pie

Some people aren't really into leftovers. But, I can hardly imagine a life without them. Even though there are only two of us, I always cook for at least 4 people. Most of the time, we take the leftovers to work for lunch. On the rare occasion when I've cooked up more than four servings (or we ...

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