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Snake button's secret still charms Milwaukee

Published Oct. 27, 2004

Although museum management may not want to hear it, no innovation, interactive exhibit or addition to the IMAX can match the simple pleasure of the snake button. It may be one of Milwaukee's worst-kept secrets but, since 1966, it's been one of its best-loved charms.

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Public Shaming at it's best

I'm all for public shaming...... in criminal cases. Perfect example: A man in Ohio (an adult!) who was convicted recently, of repeatedly calling 911 for no other reason than to talk smack and threaten...

Cruel Irony

Tuesday May 28th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    One of the most difficult positions I can think of to attain in all of the entertainment business is becoming a legitimate show closer in comedy clubs. The professional term that usually gets used is a “headliner”, but to me ...

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