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Crime decreases continue

Published Aug. 19, 2011

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn wrote a letter to the community sharing crime numbers from the first six months of 2011. There has been a continued drop in crime for the first half of this year as it has been every year since since 2007.


Rape is a four-letter word

Published March 13, 2010

Just last week, a man was arrested and faces multiple criminal charges after sexually assaulting a college student. Unfortunately, such stories are uncommon as most sexual assault and rape activities go unreported or aren't prosecuted.


Postscript to porn interviews

Published March 15, 2009

Dr. Sara Johann is the author of "Sourcebook on Pornography," and she believes exposure to porn is detrimental and that it can lead to rape, abuse and domestic violence. We conversed via e-mail, and here is a brief interview detailing her perspective on the porn industry.

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Death Row

Capital Crimes and Punishment            Last month (September), the State of Ohio failed to execute an innate who spent 25 years on death row for the murder and rape of a 14 year old girl. The state's failure was not due to any legal action, new...

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