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OnMedia: "Treme" was good, not great

Published June 18, 2010

I really wanted to like HBO's "Treme." But it lost me ... On the other hand, Showtime's "The Tudors" kept hold of me ... Jon Stewart offers a video history of U.S. energy policy -- and makes it both funny and tragic.


OnMedia: "Men of a Certain Age" takes a break

Published Feb. 22, 2010

The first season of Ray Romano's "Men of a Certain Age" wraps up. The good news is there will be a second season ... It looks like Betty White will end up on SNL ... ABC's "Modern Family" gets a well-deserved honor.


OnMedia: It's Jay at 10:35, and Conan disappears

Published Jan. 15, 2010

It looks like this latest battle of the late night TV wars is coming to a conclusion. But it's not likely that giving Jay Leno his old "Tonight Show" desk will end the hostilities ... George Clooney is organizing a big TV fundraiser to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti ... Ricky Gervais is must-see TV on Sunday night.


OnMedia: A slushy climax to days of weather warnings

Published Dec. 9, 2009

For a couple days, we'd been warned that it was coming. And while some areas away from the lake did get a big snowfall, the bulk of Milwaukee's TV market woke up to slush this morning. ... "As the World Turns" stops turning. ... And David Letterman joins the Twitter generation.


OnMedia: An on-air dress rehearsal for Stormageddon

Published Dec. 7, 2009

It wasn't much of a snowfall for Wisconsin in December, but it was the first to come during the morning rush hour, and two of Milwaukee's four TV news outlets started early to cover it.... Ted Perry takes on HD news... And a younger, and not quite so funny, Tina Fey.

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