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Documentary illuminates OLB's efforts

Published April 27, 2013

When Lane Hall and Lisa Moline set up a rally near their home in Wauwatosa with a simple illuminated "Recall Walker" sign, they had no idea it would ignite a world-wide movement called The Overpass Light Brigade (OLB). A documentary about OLB's success debuts in Milwaukee on Thursday, May 2.


We're a nice bunch. Right?

Published June 6, 2012

Today, after yesterday's election, The Atlantic asks "If Wisconsin Can't Be Nice, Who Can?" Whatever. I'd argue that both candidates are nice, and politics isn't or shouldn't be personal. Of course many people take everything personally. This won't change, but it's time to sometimes put our own "truths" to the side.


Social Circle: What are your thoughts on the recall election?

Published June 2, 2012

This week's Social Circle question, not surprisingly, garnered the most responses of all time. Here are a sampling of the 90-plus posts in the thread. Regardless of who you support, get out and vote on June 5, Milwaukee.


If Barrett wins, who's Milwaukee's next mayor?

Published May 31, 2012

Of course, council president Willie Hines would get a promotion to acting mayor. But, who are other candidates in the next mayoral election if Tom Barrett moves on to Madison.

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Retain Right of Recall

Last week the Wisconsin Assembly passed an amendment to the  state constitution  that would restrict the right to recall state and county officials to those who had been charged with felonies or ethics violations.  The vote was 54-39, with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats...

Democratic Debacle

With nearly 55% of the vote,  Republican Gov. Scott Walker has become the first governor in US history to survive a recall election. All four  Republican state senators targeted for recall also retained their seats June 5.   The Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which won th...

Here's an Idea for Governor: Let's Just Vote NO

Scott Walker is a polarizing figure. Tom Barrett makes a lot of people feel like taking a nap. Kathleen Falk can't win the primary, let alone beat Walker. So we're left with Darth Vader vs. Uncle Rip Van Winkle.  The choice isn't exactly inspiring.   Why can't we cho...

Nominate LaFollette

On May 8 voters in the Democratic primary to select  a candidate to oppose Governor Scott Walker  in the June 5  recall election will choose  one of the following contenders:  Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett,  former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, State Senator&nbs...

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