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Sunday Sound-off: Do you feel safe in Brew City?

Published May 13, 2007

Safety is a big issue in Milwaukee, but we're not alone. It seems as if "feeling safe" despite crime and violence is a challenge for people living just about anywhere these days, from the smallest to the largest cities. What do you think?


Batavia readies "Home, Safe, Sound, and Warm"

Published March 16, 2007

Nestled in the woods of Port Washington is a band destined to make a Jeff Tweedy-sized imprint on the city of Milwaukee: Batavia combines the best aspects of folk rock and experimental music and its new album, "Home, Safe, Sound, and Warm," provides the listener with a relaxed and quaint soundtrack.

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Still drinking out of plastic?

I thought I'd join the Earth Day bandwagon, a little late, with some environmentally-friendly options for your health.  By now I am sure you have heard about the recent scare with plastic water bottles.  While the media has been focusing on baby bottles, the truth is that plastic...

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