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Cutting Group offers high-end haircuts at discount prices

Published Sept. 7, 2012

Tom and Stephanie Miller started The Cutting Group in 2006. The idea behind the lower-cost alternative to full-service salons for haircuts is to do one thing, focus on it and excel at it. The idea is summarized in its tagline, "Get cut. Look good."


Milwaukee area spa and salon guide

Published March 31, 2010

There's no better gift than the gift of personal services. Anytime of year, indulge mom, dad, significant other, friend or even yourself in a soothing, therapeutic massage from one of Milwaukee's finest salons and day spas.


Malcolm moves on

Published July 2, 2003

A hairdresser is much more than a person that cuts your hair, they can be your confidant, sounding board and friend. Malcolm Brown, best known in the Milwaukee area as Malcolm of London, is moving on to greener pastures, literally.


Milwaukee goes '80s

Published March 5, 2002

Have you flipped on "That '80s Show" lately? Seen any Brat Pack flicks? Although '80s fashions are on the way out, '80s hair is huge, literally!

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Man-i-cures Cut vs. Push

Dear experts/barbettesToo start off I'm a mans man, I had to throw that in there!! Moving on, this is my delima is winter I'm making fires for the family, snowball fights, sleding the list goes on and it's cold outside. My problem is this; my cuticles they are sooo dry.  Since the cold weath...

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