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Kinney wins scooter contest

Published Dec. 4, 2008 blogger Charlotte Kinney won the Kids' Scooter Contest for her blog, "Deaf in a Hearing Family."


The wettest I have ever been in my whole life

Published June 27, 2007

I’m dry now, but five minutes ago I was the wettest I have ever been in my whole life. Let me put this another way: I would not have been more wet had you thrown me in Lake Michigan.


Gas prices fuel re-examination of taxes

Published Sept. 2, 2005

Suffering from the gasoline blues? Nothing will get you fired up faster than realizing that nearly 30 cents (29.7 to be exact) from each gallon of gas sold goes into the state coffers. That's among the highest gas tax rates in the nation. And state law automatically raises that tax every year!


Gas-sippin' scooters a retro way to zip around Milwaukee

Published Aug. 9, 2004

With gas prices hovering around $2 per gallon, there are still a few ways you can cut the money you spend at the pump. Consider a retro-style scooter that nets an incredible 100 miles to the gallon.

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