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Brewers will screen all fans at Miller Park on Sept. 11 and 13

Published Sept. 9, 2014

In coordination with new procedures established by Major League Baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers have announced that all fans will be screened with metal detectors on Thursday, Sept. 11 against the Miami Marlins and again on Saturday, Sept. 13 against the Cincinnati Reds. Fans are encouraged to arrive early on those dates to accommodate the screenings.


Go on, track me

Published Jan. 3, 2013

It feels like not a week goes by without someone posting something about how Facebook's invading everyone's privacy, spying on your browser history, etc., ad nauseum. (These posts are usually made on Facebook, by the way.) I understand the generic concern over the Orwellian slippery slope, but it doesn't take me too long to re-assess and arrive back at my old conclusion: Who cares?


Do you feel safe at Mayfair Mall?

Published Dec. 2, 2009

When shopping this holiday season, do you feel safe at Mayfair Mall? Has the fear associated with the muggings and attacks of a few years ago been assuaged by security measures? Would you still opt to shop elsewhere?


The President needs his Blackberry

Published Nov. 23, 2008

Should our next President have to give up his preferred mode of communication just because no one before him was an e-mailer and / or because of security threats?

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