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Best restaurant service or waitstaff, 2016

Published Oct. 6, 2016

There are multiple aspects of a favorable dining experience: delicious food, well-curated beverages, pleasant atmosphere and courteous, attentive service. And when Milwaukee diners cast their votes for the latter, Lake Park Bistro racked up all the tips.


Milwaukee's best service/waitstaff, 2015

Published Nov. 16, 2015

Food is only one part of a restaurant experience. There's the wine or beer list, there's the ambiance and, perhaps quietly most important of all, is the service. That's why we added the category to this year's poll, and coming out on top, racking up votes like tips, was MOVIDA.


One hour service windows for cable customers?

Published Dec. 19, 2012

Time Warner Cable customers in Wisconsin, the company says, should now enjoy some of the shortest waits in the home service and delivery industry. One hour service for everyone! Have you tried it? Is it true?


What to expect when a waiter screws up

Published Nov. 3, 2009

When a waiter tells you he doesn't have the ingredients to complete your order, then brings you the wrong dish after you order your back-up meal, should you be miffed? Or should you at least expect a few bucks off the bill?

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What Makes Me Fall In Love With a Restaurant

A friend recently asked me what I look for in a restaurant; what keeps me coming back. Besides the obvious- good food, there are a few other things that add an eatery to my gluttony arsenal. The menu has to be creative and have enough variety to appeal to my different palate moods. A breakfast ...

Our Service Industry

What is going on with our service industry? This is nothing new, but it has been bothering me for quite some time, and now I decided to write about it. I also hope some of the readers would share some of their experiences, good or bad, with me about our service industry. If...

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