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Whisker war: A night at Uptowner's third annual beard contest

Published March 19, 2015

The Uptowner was packed and not just for a late Sunday afternoon. Jock Jams blared from the speakers, and anticipation was in the air. On two TVs at separate ends of the bar, the Wisconsin-Michigan State game was coming down to the wire. But that wasn't the contest the excited and eager crowd was here to see. No, the main event was the Uptowner's third annual beard competition.

Recommends072713_storyflow Recommends: July 27, 2013

Published July 27, 2013

From mojitos to lunch to lathering soap to a good little monkey who is always very curious, this edition of Recommends boasts all the products you don't yet know you need.

Recommends071113_storyflow Recommends, July 13, 2013

Published July 13, 2013

Whether you're in the mood to rummage, shave, ride a roller coaster or have a great breakfast, this week's edition of Recommends is full of the products and events you've been waiting for.

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Grooming and Shaving Stubble

If you have scruffy face hair that ruin your look, here are some tips to enhance your facial look.             Some of us may think that growing a beard will always give you a scruffy face and not good-looking. But actually, grooming the stu...

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