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With Donald Trump, it's bullies all the way down - and up

Published March 22, 2016

In general, I hate stories about "the horserace" of politics, rather than the issues. But I firmly believe the Trump rally violence is not a tangential issue to this year's campaign. It reflects on the substance of the candidate in this case.


No, Sheriff Clarke was not a member of the KKK

Published Nov. 4, 2015

Did you hear the "news?" Sheriff Clarke was supposedly exposed by Anonymous hackers as being a member of the KKK. No, not really. And neither were various Republican U.S. senators and American mayors also named in the "story."


The United State of Wisconsinstan

Published July 1, 2015

This week in crazy political news: Judging by the response to Sheriff David Clarke's recent comments concerning Obamacare and same-sex marriage, it's apparently not controversial for an elected official to basically advance the argument that we need to abolish the American government.

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