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Archery lessons aim to please hunters and non-hunters

Published Nov. 1, 2015

After years of threatening to take an archery class, OnMilwaukee's Molly Snyder finally signed up for one at West Town Archery in Brookfield with her 13-year-old son, thinking it would provide a bonding opportunity as well as the chance to increase her bad-ass-ness.


Chisholm's controversial Hamilton decision required courage

Published Jan. 15, 2015

District Attorney John Chisholm could've taken the easy way out and filed charges in the Dontre Hamilton shooting. Instead, he looked at the evidence and made his call, which was an example of a profile in courage.


Al Jazeera America deserves same freedoms granted to all press

Published Aug. 15, 2014

Al Jazeera America will present live coverage from Ferguson through the weekend with news updates and analysis. That in itself isn't beyond the scope of any national or international news outlet would deliver. But for Al Jazeera it became a bigger story when those covering the news became part of it.

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The 40 of 40: Day 30 - A Rant

OK, one of the things that comes with age (I guess) is an intolerance for stupidity.  Remember your parents talking about that loud rock n roll music, or kids playing on their lawn.  That was never going to be me... alas...So, this morning, TV news went crazy when a police officer was s...

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