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Sikh temple shooting: Story still vivid a year later

Published Aug. 5, 2013

If we remember back to this time a year ago, we were shocked with the news of a shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek. Radio, TV, online and print reporters raced to the scene and were able to set up a media area in the parking lot of a daycare near the scene.


Tactical EMS trainer on Sikh Temple shooting

Published Aug. 13, 2012

Shortly after I heard the news about last Sunday's Sikh Temple shooting, I couldn't help but think back to my day in April with Milwaukee police offers participating in the Tactical EMS Training class at the Waukesha County Technical College. The scenarios I watched matched up so closely with the real-life shooting in Oak Creek, that I had to give Officer Chad Stiles, the instructor at the class, a call to get his reaction.


Tragedy gives Milwaukee a chance to lead

Published Aug. 9, 2012

As we all struggle a little to come to terms with the shooting at the Sikh temple last Sunday it's important to pay attention to what this has done, and will do, to our collective spirit.


Come together: Learning and growing after tragedy

Published Aug. 8, 2012

Although it's unfortunate a tragedy had to occur to spur cultural awareness of Sikhism, Milwaukeeans can still take proactive steps to develop a greater respect for not just this group, but all of the city's diverse residents.

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