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Talking music and more with Roxie Beane

Published July 13, 2014

Milwaukee singer and guitar player Roxie Beane has been a musician for as long as she can remember. She gigs about 50 times a year and has upcoming shows at The Lucky Rabbit in Waukesha on July 19 and the Miller Time Pub on July 25, as well as a few outdoor festivals in July.


Local singer explores the science of tarot

Published Dec. 29, 2013

Jen Cintrón is not the stereotypical tarot card reader. Sure, she has incense and candles and the usual New Age-ish baubles, but she is also extremely down-to-earth with a strong background in science.


Milwaukee is songwriter's muse

Published July 19, 2012

Singer-songwriter Justin Jagler, 21, never set out to write songs about Milwaukee. But like any artist, he was inevitably influenced by his surroundings. "I live in the Milwaukee area; it just kind of happened," he said. "That's where a lot of the situations took place."


Rockstar Project aims to create a home-grown idol

Published Feb. 26, 2004

The Rockstar Project is the brainchild of Neil Willenson and musician Kevin Sucher. Willenson, founder of Camp Heartland, created the project to give one Milwaukeean the opportunity to launch a music career.

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Dirty Diapers

Wednesday July 23rd, 2014 – Island Lake, IL    I want to talk more about the whole game of getting on television. Ultimately, it’s what makes or breaks a true career in the entertainment business and everyone that succeeds needs to master it and find their outlet. Some ma...

1.1.11 RELEASE

Thankful for all the experiences in the last year. 9 months of studio recording at TAYLOR Studios, the full rock bandvibe with solo performances & with Rhinocerotic, and all the great in between time- InBetween the Sun & the Moon. Special thanks to Jeff Taylor, An...

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