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Weeks' early season struggles are no surprise

Published May 9, 2013

Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks is mired in another season-opening slump - but that's the thing - it's happened before. And, like before, he'll hit his way out of it.


Is it time for Brewers to panic?

Published June 5, 2012

The calendar has turned to June, so is it time for the Milwaukee Brewers to panic? Is it time to admit a playoff spot is out of reach?


Nearly June, Brewers lineup still trying to become contagious

Published May 30, 2012

Contagious is a word often used in baseball to describe how several hot hitters can lead to a lineup full of them. Yet as the calendar nears June, the Milwaukee Brewers lineup is still looking to catch whatever that contagious thing is.


Rickie Weeks' slump is not his own doing

Published May 22, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks is slumping horribly the first two months of the season - but none of this is his own doing. The gremlins of baseball have burrowed deep into his soul and he can't buy a base hit for love or money.


Concern at the top: Brewers lineup sputters out of the gate

Published May 8, 2012

The Milwaukee Brewers might be better able to handle the flood of injuries the team has faced lately if the healthy regulars would just hit. The team is struggling, but none more so than the 1-2 spots in the batting order.

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