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An old dog learned a new trick: Enjoying soccer

Published July 3, 2012

I like soccer. Those are three words I thought would never pass my lips. I've spent over three decades loving youth soccer and thinking that soccer for adults was just a niche sport with nothing to recommend it. I still find football, basketball and baseball much more satisfying, but I am willing to concede that there may well be more than just a small element of truth to the sobriquet "The Beautiful Game."


The tapas trend

Published April 16, 2012

The latest trend, and you can see it everywhere you go, is the tapas restaurant. Once La Merenda made such a name for itself, it seems like everyone wants to get on the bandwagon.


A sweet surprise outside my comfort zone

Published Aug. 26, 2011

When my friend Pat Mangan, who works for Moet Hennessy invited me to Bacchus last night to try three wines made by Manuel Louzada at Moet's Bodega Numanthia winery in the Toro region of Spain, I figured I might learn a little something. I was right.

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Viva Espana!

The moment I stepped on the plane to leave Spain was the moment I began planning my return. I spent a long semester in Seville during my junior year of college and still regard it as a vital, life-changing experience. It literally gave me new eyes not only about the world around me, but also ab...

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