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Urban spelunking: St. James Episcopal Church & Spring Street Burying Ground

Published Nov. 26, 2013

In the low, dimly lit space beneath St James Episcopal Church, 833 W. Wisconsin Ave., there's a hissing sound and a horizontal geyser of steam shooting out of a pipe. It immediately grabs your attention. Until you see the tall thin grave stone leaning up against a brick column. St. James is built atop the former Spring Street Burying Ground. They think all the human remains were removed when the church bought the property in 1850, but a few scattered headstones mark a lingering doubt.


Milwaukee landscape is full of little landmarks

Published Jan. 25, 2013

Lately, I've been writing about a lot of famous Milwaukee buildings. Everyone knows City Hall and St. Josaphat and The Pabst Theater - important structures, one and all. That work got me thinking about how looking at the city's big landmarks has also opened my eyes to its little landmarks.


10 great romanesque buildings in Milwaukee

Published Aug. 18, 2012

Milwaukee has a "look" when it comes to architecture. For a lot of folks that look is the romanesque, and more specifically Richardsonian romanesque, a late 19th century architectural revival. Milwaukee has its share of extant romanesque treasures, many designed by Koch, a Richardson disciple. Here are 10 of them.


Urban Spelunking: Tiffany windows shine a light on St. Paul's beauty

Published March 18, 2012

As an inveterate traveler and art fiend, I find myself wandering around a lot of churches. That is, everywhere except in Milwaukee. The first stop on what may or may not become a tour of Milwaukee's historic and artistically significant houses of worship was St. Paul's Episcopal Church, which is notable for a number of reasons.

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