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Stag Barbershop adds chairs, room to grow

Published Dec. 9, 2013

It only took three years for Jess Stern, the owner of Stag Barbershop, to outgrow her space. Fortunately, the adjacent retail space directly to her north became available, and it was perfectly configured already, having been a barbershop decades earlier and some of the original hardware was still in place.


The Refinery Photo Studio sets up mug shots for Movember

Published Nov. 27, 2013

The Refinery Photo Studio will be taking their mug shot booth to Stag Barbershop and Dapper Classic Barbershop to snap some photos of men's Movember mustaches before they are shorn off, and their upper lips must nakedly face the bitter cold of December.


Professional bootblack takes a shine to mainstream, fetish communities

Published Aug. 31, 2011

Izzy Jaecks is a professional bootblack. She doesn't shine shoes at airports or in hotel lobbies, and she takes her career, one that she stumbled into by accident, seriously. And, while today's interpretation of the modern bootblack means that Jaecks has found work in leather and gay bars, she still feels a historical connection with the centuries of artisans who've come before her and who who've made shoes shine since at least the 1600s.


Don't fear the deer: old-school shave, haircut is Stag's signature

Published April 13, 2011

The Bay View neighborhood is not short on places to get your hair cut. So what's one more, asked Jess Stern, the owner of the new Stag Barbershop, 3064 S. Delaware Ave. -- which sits on a block with a two more shops just feet away. This is an upscale type of place where only gents are welcome. A precision haircut costs $35, a straight razor shave costs $25, or you can get both for $50. No coloring, no perms, no nonsense.

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