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Collaborate or die

Published Oct. 3, 2014

Entertainment, education, development, sports, retail, transit, etc. There are many easy ways to help move Greater Milwaukee forward, but collaborating is key and without it we all die since we're all in it - no mater what it is - together.


First State, then Kilbourn, next Clybourn

Published May 1, 2009

The City of Milwaukee has announced permanent repairs to the Clybourn Street bridge in Downtown Milwaukee will take place this fall, once the contractor has been selected.


Throw on long johns and head to Winter Games

Published Jan. 14, 2003

It might be cold out there, but that's no reason to miss the 2003 Badger State Winter Games on Fri., Jan. 3 through Sun., Feb. 2 in Wausau. The competition, which features 11 different sports, is the largest Olympic-style winter sports festival in the nation and features events for both the competitive athlete and those just looking for a little fun.

Reader blogs:

Huntsman for Secretary of State

Now that  Ambassador to  the UN  Susan Rice has withdrawn as a  possible nominee for Secretary of State,  speculation has turned to Sen. John Kerry (D, MA), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The trouble is that if Kerry leaves the Senate, the Republicans...

River Rhythms: Humidity Warriors

Normally humid weather and bugs would be a good reason to high-tail it to the nearest air-conditioned establishment, hide behind a cold beer and pray for a reprieve to the sticky onslaught. Today, however, my fellow interns and myself had a higher calling: experience our first R...

The Importance of Local - Government and Voting

I could spew all the standard quotes and lingo about the importance of voting in general – that it is your right or duty, that we owe it to the men and women that fight for our country, that minorities especially should take advantage of this area they can have a voice in – but since ...

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