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Media, fans react to Braun suspension

Published July 23, 2013

For good or for bad, Milwaukee is in the digital spotlight, with a headline on each major media outlet throughout the planet.


PEDs are the American way

Published July 16, 2013

In more than two centuries that individual freedom has been what separates our country from all the others. Given that, it makes me wonder why sports makes such a big deal about performance enhancing drugs.


Say it ain't so Brauny

Published Feb. 7, 2013

This summer, 94 years after a young fan asked Shoeless Joe Jackson, to "say it ain't so," some young boy might look up and see Ryan Braun walk by and say, "Say it ain't so, Ryan. Say it ain't so."


Innocent vs. Not Guilty

Published June 20, 2012

Both Ryan Braun and Roger Clemens were accused of using performance enhancing drugs (PED's). Both have incurred the scorn of the public akin to Hester Prynne's dalliance with Arthur Dimmesdale in 1642. Of course today, the scarlet letter is not "A" but rather "S."

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Checking My Stimulus

Thursday February 19th, 2009 - Lake Villa, ILI received my government stimulus check a few months ago and immediately cashed it and hid it in a drawer until something I felt that I really wanted to buy with it came along. Today was that day. I ended up spending $175 of my $311 on a collection of ...

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