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"Burt Wonderstone" fails to make movie magic despite cast

Published March 15, 2013

"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" features a deep cast of comedic all-stars and a premise with tons of potential (think "The Prestige" but funny). Yet somehow it lands with a sickening thud, like a magician's guillotine trick gone horribly wrong. It's certainly not incredible, and the only wonder to be found is in wondering why a comedy with massive promise resulted in such an inconsistent amount of laughs.


"Blank City" captures spirit of No Wave film

Published Sept. 14, 2011

The story of that revolutionary underground film scene that helped sprout the careers of Richard Kern, Jim Jarmusch, John Waters, Susan Seidelman, Vincent Gallo, John Lurie, Ann Magnuson and Steve Buscemi, among others, is fodder for "Blank City," which screens for free at UWM's Union Theatre, Thursday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m.


OnMedia: The best show on TV this fall

Published Sept. 17, 2010

HBO's new mob drama, "Boardwalk Empire," rises above the network offerings this fall ... Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert plan opposing D.C. rallies ... "As the World Turns" stops turning today.


Buscemi shimmers in "Ghost World"

Published Aug. 17, 2001

Steve Buscemi is a national treasure; simply one of the best actors working in film today. Here he gives a performance that should not be forgotten come awards season.

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