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In a storm, everyone is a journalist

Published Dec. 24, 2012

When you look out a window during a Wisconsin winter storm, you see snow. No revelation there. Yet, when you look out at social media during a Wisconsin storm, you see the same thing, because everyone is sharing it.


Could a killer tornado outbreak strike here?

Published May 1, 2011

Could a outbreak of tornadoes, like the ones that ravaged the South this week, develop here? The question is posed in response to the possibly unprecedented events of last week when tornadoes ravaged the South for three straight days and nights. On the third of those days alone, hundreds were killed, thousands were injured and some communities were literally erased from the Earth.


The lowdown on summer severe weather

Published June 13, 2001

June is Wisconsin's peak month for tornadoes. Despite the large number of severe weather events that take place everyday in the U.S., all the ingredients must line up in a very specific way. FOX 6's Chief Meteorologist Vince Condella explains.

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Looking ahead in West Texas

Almost two years ago my husband and I found out that his immigrant visa interview had been scheduled at the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, just across the border with El Paso, Texas. We had been waiting for the interview for more than a year, so we were excited, but also terrified. My...

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