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Guinness is Guinness. That is all.

Published Feb. 5, 2013

For many people, bartenders included, it seems dark beer means a heavy beer and if a place doesn't have Guinness, they immediately suggest another stout.


Meet the brew master for Guinness

Published March 17, 2012

Fergal Murray, master brewer for Guinness, has a big job: to maintain the 250-year-old legacy of one of the world's favorite stouts. It's also a fun job, one that includes world travel and, of course, plenty of Guinness tasting. Hear more from Murray in this special St. Pat's Day feature.


Where's the freshest Guinness?

Published Feb. 8, 2009

During the winter months, my beverage of choice is Guinness. Last night I had a pretty fresh pint at Paddy's Pub, 2339 N. Murray Ave., and I have always been impressed with the Guinness at Brocach, 1850 N. Water St. I'm wondering which other locales guarantee a fresh tap of this delicious Irish stout?


Sound-off: Does your beer choice change in winter?

Published Jan. 18, 2009

Most breweries offer winter brews this time of year, which are usually darker and spicier than the others. Some beer drinkers, however, stick with the same brand all year 'round. How about you? Do you switch your beers choice based on the season, or is it always the same brands for you regardless of the weather?

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