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Pabst welcomes dancing Australian strippers

Published Oct. 31, 2016

Five years ago, Dylan Yeandle was a licensed plumber fixing toilets in Australia. Tuesday night, he will dance, tease and strip on stage with six other blokes when "Thunder Down Under" crashes onto the Pabst Theater stage.


Are strip clubs open on Christmas?

Published Dec. 18, 2012

During innocent holiday-related conversation, the editors somehow got on the topic whether or not strip clubs were open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here are our findings.


Downtown strip club should be more than a tease

Published May 8, 2012

I, for one, hope the city fathers see the value of having half-naked girls dancing in our Downtown. I've been to dozens and dozens of big cities in this world, and I'm hard pressed to come up with one that doesn't have a strip club or two.


The top 10 stripper songs

Published March 11, 2009

Although men most likely won't turn down a striptease no matter where, when or what the soundtrack might be, you must admit that there are some songs that turn the number from a simple dance into a full-fledged fantasy come true. Though not in any particular order, here's a peak at perpetual favorites at the jiggle joints.

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Thursday November 14th, 2013 – Richland, MI    One of the truly difficult aspects of being funny for a living – and there are almost too many to count – is having to do it when the mood just isn’t there. It’s great fun to the point of intoxication to be ...

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