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Why did we watch "Skywire?"

Published June 24, 2013

Last night, I got roped into (pun intended) the Discovery Channel special featuring Nik Wallenda tight-rope walking over a portion of the Grand Canyon. Maybe you did, too. Maybe you are also asking yourself, as I am, for those two hours of your life back.


New forms of cheerleading seek "sport" status from NCAA

Published April 17, 2012

The debate as to whether or not cheerleading is a sport added a new voice in the form of Acro and Stunt. These variations of cheerleading are seeking "sport" status through the NCAA and Title IX.


WLUM introduces new format at 5 p.m.

Published July 11, 2006

102.1 WLUM will announce a format change today at 5 p.m., according an e-mail from Milwaukee Radio Group's Tom Cheng.

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