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Even without the Packers, it was a Super show

Published Feb. 7, 2012

It normally takes me a day or two to reflect on the full impact that the long, long, long Super Bowl day has for me. I'm done reflecting, and here's what I found. Dancing with the Stars can't be far behind for Aaron Rodgers.


Super Bowl preview: Giants vs. Patriots

Published Feb. 3, 2012

No, its not the Packers. But despite pledges from many Green Bay fans to boycott Sunday' s festivities, many will still tune in. After all, it is the great American game and few things are more entrenched than Super Bowl get-togethers. And while this year certainly will not have the same cache that last year's had in Wisconsin, it is still, after all, the Super Bowl.


Could Milwaukee have hosted a Super Bowl?

Published Feb. 1, 2012

Milwaukee and Indianapolis are strikingly similar. Both are blue-collar, hardworking communities that have a lot to be proud of. Neither is boastful; a sure sign of the modesty that has its roots firmly planted in the Midwest. Both Milwaukee and Indianapolis love their home teams; neither town's win every season so both cities cherish the victories they do get. If you go back into to the mid-1950s, having a team based in Milwaukee wouldn't seem far-fetched. After all, if Green Bay could have and sustain a team, why couldn't a city six times its size?


With no Packers, will you even watch the Super Bowl?

Published Jan. 30, 2012

One year ago, everyone in the state of Wisconsin got swept up in Packers fever. Even non-sports fans could not escape the excitement that others were feeling. Whether it was the grocery store that allowed checkers to wear green and gold sweatshirts and jerseys, or the relentless, non-stop news coverage of everything that was going on in Dallas, the Packers were ubiquitous. The Packers, either directly or indirectly, were everywhere.

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