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Honkeytonkitis: Songs to drink and smoke to

Published Jan. 15, 2008

Country / Western Swing band Honkeytonkitis plays a gig at Zad’s Roadhouse on Jan. 18, along with God’s Outlaw. The show starts at 9 p.m.


Local salsa goddess steps into serious book deal

Published Oct. 28, 2005

JoAnn Hornak loves salsa dancing. She loves going to salsa clubs, listening to salsa music, dreaming about finding the perfect salsa partner and -- thanks to a book deal with the prestigious Penguin publishing -- writing about the salsa lifestyle.


East Towne makes ballroom dance success look easy

Published Sept. 17, 2002

How can a small, independent dance studio survive more than a decade in downtown Milwaukee, outlasting national chains like the Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray dance studios, and growing both in square footage and students? East Towne Ballrooms makes it look easy.

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Where the hell are the Rockabillies?!

Greetings-  This'll be short & to the point... Can anyone clue me in on any RAB doin's in & around town? I just moved back to Milwaukee from parts east, and am lookin' for any places to tear up some hardwood, twirl some Kittens' skirts, and get in some mischief.  ...And I don't ...

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