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Walker must own his decisions rather than blame Jim Doyle

Published Jan. 26, 2015

I want the governor to do what is best for the Wisconsin economy, and I think this casino was best for the Wisconsin economy (including the impoverished Menominee). But even if it wasn't, Jim Doyle didn't do it. Stop blaming Jim Doyle for everything. These are Walker's decisions now, and he needs to own them.


Tammy Baldwin shows up for history

Published March 27, 2013

In Wisconsin, the election of Baldwin by a coalition of voters proved that gay marriage might not be the radioactive political issue it used to be.


Merry Christmas - You're Damn Right!

Published Dec. 25, 2012

If you lived in the state of Wisconsin in 2012, and listened to the radio or watched TV, you know who said, "You're Damn Right!" Now, "You're Damn Right!" is the name of the first limited run CD produced by Kramp and Adler and available for purchase at Exclusive Company stores.

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