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Young women directors make sparkling marks on Milwaukee theater

Published Aug. 7, 2014

If there is one thing that marks the world of professional theater, in Milwaukee and just about everywhere else, it's the egalitarian nature of things. Nevertheless, there are stars created in the world of theater. Now we have two certifiable budding star directors - both women, both 27 years old and each with a future that seems unlimited.


Renaissance's behind the scenes comedy "The Understudy" is a riot

Published Jan. 19, 2014

For over half a century, I have been in and around the world of live theater, as an actor, critic, spectator and lover. And in all those five decades, I can honestly say I have never met anyone quite like the three characters in "The Understudy," the Theresa Rebeck ode to the sacred life of live theater that opened Saturday night at Renaissance Theaterworks.


Metoxen grows from student to director in "The Understudy"

Published Jan. 16, 2014

Back when Mallory Metoxen was eighth grade, she decided that she wanted to be actress. And then she got her first lead role. "I hated it," Metoxen recalled. "It was Vivian Bearing in `Wit.' I was like, `I don't like this. I like being a supporting role, and I don't know that acting is really my calling.' I went through kind of a little crisis." Thanks to Metoxen's little crisis, she ended up getting whisked down a different career path: directing.

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