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La Befana is coming tonight

Published Jan. 5, 2017

Long after St. Nick has come and gone, and while Santa is already back at the North Pole warming in front of the fire, La Befana continues her journey to the homes of kids across Italy and of kids across the world whose families have roots in the boot.


My Milwaukee food traditions

Published April 3, 2015

Most of us have some modest food-based traditions - we like to have pizza on Tuedays, or we get ham and rolls on Sundays, etc.Over the years, some of my habits have turned a little ritualistic. They've become unspoken traditions. Here are a few of them...



Published Aug. 22, 2009

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading up to Door County for my 16th annual "camping trip" with my best friend, Eron. I put it in quotes, because other than sleeping in a tent in Peninsula State Park, we're not really doing much camping. And I couldn't be more excited.


Handing down the family's tastes

Published Dec. 23, 2007

In the vein of a few blogs I posted earlier this year -- Recipes to Die For and The Puerto Rican Rice Experiment -- I must say perhaps several even more sought after, and more difficult to locate recipes likely lie in all of our ancestors' roots.

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Back to the Past

This past weekend felt like I was back in high school and college. I had vacation hours to burn so I took Friday and Monday off. On Friday my friend and colleague *Maria asked me to go over to our friend and colleague named *Susan's house for happy hour. We sat outside and gossiped and drank ...

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