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"Grey Gardens" is a home run

Published Sept. 12, 2013

One of the easy lessons to learn in life is that when you walk out onto the ledge make sure that there is something down below in case you fall. Being out on the ledge is nothing new for Dale Gutzman and his tiny Off The Wall Theatre and he has never been afraid to walk out there without something to fall off. Gutzman is out on the ledge again with the opening of "Grey Gardens," a quirky musical based on an almost 30-year-old documentary film.


Off The Wall explores the drug underworld of "Trainspotting"

Published Oct. 27, 2012

It's almost impossible to sit through the two hours of "Trainspotting" without scratching your arms to get rid of the dirty rash that you are sure must be growing on you. Having said that, it should be noted that there is a real play here, full of despair, love, joy and sorrow and a glimpse at a world none of wants to visit, much less actually spend any time in.


Coming soon: "Trainspotting"

Published Oct. 19, 2012

In its ongoing efforts to bring plays with uncomfortable subjects to Milwaukee, Off The Wall Theatre will open "Trainspotting" Oct. 25 in its tiny space on Wells Street.


"Millions" is a big leap for "Trainspotting" Boyle

Published April 2, 2005

Director Danny Boyle certainly can't be accused to being a lazy filmmaker. Indeed, he's done a good job of keeping us guessing about what he'll come up with next. The zombies and destruction in "28 Days Later" did not prepare us for his almost evangelical, uplifting morality story, "Millions."


"Intermission" is funny, but overloaded with subplots

Published May 2, 2004

Irish director John Crowley's "Intermission" is a difficult film to peg. While it's an indie with some great performances and some witty moments, Mark O'Rowe's script relies too heavily on rote characterizations.

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