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Media sheds light on transgender community, but more is needed

Published May 2, 2015

The media attention given to recent events - incuding the Bruce Jenner interview - does not begin to depict the reality for transgender individuals that often includes judgement, hatred, stereotypes and discrimination. Rowan Calyx shares his story growing up transgender in Milwaukee.


Why the Republican Party should embrace Bruce Jenner

Published April 27, 2015

The most controversial bombshell in the big Bruce Jenner interview last week? Not that Jenner feels like a woman. That Jenner's a Republican (it says something about the media that this is considered controversial, of course). And while I'm not holding my breath, I can't think of a more immediately redefining gesture for the Republican Party than reaching out and embracing Jenner.


Living life as somebody else

Published Oct. 9, 2010

Ever get the feeling that you're not who people think you are? For some, that feeling can be overwhelming.

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