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OnMedia: "Treme" was good, not great

Published June 18, 2010

I really wanted to like HBO's "Treme." But it lost me ... On the other hand, Showtime's "The Tudors" kept hold of me ... Jon Stewart offers a video history of U.S. energy policy -- and makes it both funny and tragic.


OnMedia: "Men of a Certain Age" takes a break

Published Feb. 22, 2010

The first season of Ray Romano's "Men of a Certain Age" wraps up. The good news is there will be a second season ... It looks like Betty White will end up on SNL ... ABC's "Modern Family" gets a well-deserved honor.


OnMedia: Warning signs for NBC's "Jay Leno Show"

Published Oct. 27, 2009

NBC's big fall programming experiment -- programming the 9 p.m. hour with nightly Jay Leno shows -- wasn't expected to dominate the ratings. But there are signs that it's hurting the late newscasts in some places.

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