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Milwaukee Talks: Kato Kaelin

Published Sept. 22, 2017

On Tuesday, we published a piece looking at some of Glendale-native Kato Kaelin's, uh, passionate tweets about the Brewers and the Packers. After it ran, Kaelin offered us some clarification on tweets.


Why does Kato Kaelin hate the Packers and the Brewers?

Published Sept. 19, 2017

Kato Kaelin, America's most famous (infamous?) houseguest, has a lot of things to say on Twitter these days. A self-described Brewers and Packers fan, he has some pretty harsh words about his favorite teams on social media.


Kobe challenges Giannis to win MVP

Published Aug. 28, 2017

Former Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, who retired in 2016, responded to ascendant Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo's tweeted request for a basketball challenge by issuing a formidable task: win the Most Valuable Player award.


LocaMoji brings even more awesome Milwaukee stickers to small screens

Published July 25, 2017

You can now express yourself even more locally with characters that aren't available anywhere else. Feeling summer? Brat time. Feeling salty? Throw out a Milverine. Want to connect with your best friend? Send an old-school Milwaukee Laverne and hope for a Shirley in return.


Wisconsin's most misspelled word is ... Wisconsin

Published May 30, 2017

The National Spelling Bee is currently underway, so Google Trends, the Twitter account featuring the official data and visualizations from the company, assembled a map of each U.S. state's most misspelled word. And Wisconsin's is ... Wisconsin.

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