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Manitowoc wants to be known for more than "Making a Murderer"

Published Jan. 12, 2016

The excitement about "Making a Murderer" is all online, not at the Avery front door or in local pubs or the County courthouse. The internet's giddy phenomenon is Manitowoc's unwanted reality, and residents are tired of it.


Historic Hamilton Wood Type Museum pressed for time and space

Published Dec. 17, 2012

Located in Two Rivers, the Hamilton Wood Type Museum houses 1.5 million pieces of wood type and more than 1,000 styles and sizes of patterns, making it one of the largest wood type collections in the world. However, the museum is being forced to move and is currently weighing options.


Despite an image problem, Manitowoc has fun to offer

Published Dec. 7, 2011

That's Manitowoc for ya. A town with a lot of great stuff to do with the family, and something of an image problem. We built an easy and fun little getaway around a visit to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and fittingly, that's where we started after our roughly 90-minute drive from Milwaukee.


Fox Hills provides quick relief from workaday worries

Published April 4, 2002

Don't think you have to travel for hours to find a quick, easy and fun weekend getaway. Indeed, Fox Hills Golf Resort & Conference Center is just over an hour north of Milwaukee, near the western shore of Lake Michigan.

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