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No holds barred: local bartenders share dirty little secrets

Published Feb. 28, 2013 recently distributed an anonymous online survey to local bartenders with questions like "have you ever busted anyone for having sex in your bar?" and "have you ever stolen from your bar?" Their responses ranged from prudent to racy, and here they are.


Teen drinking presents a dilemma for some parents

Published Feb. 11, 2013

Whether to allow teens to drink at home is a difficult parental decision and a controversial topic. Although some parents demand absolute abstinence from their teens or pre-teens, others believe that their kids are going to experiment with alcohol whether they forbid it or not.


Fake IDs and Milwaukee's bar scene, then and now

Published Feb. 1, 2011

You don't have to be very old to remember a time when anyone with access to a laminating machine could make a convincing-looking fake ID. But that was a different time. Drivers licenses have become increasingly difficult to forge, and bars have cracked down on underage drinking. In other words, if you're not of age and you think you can sneak into a bar these days, forget it.


Senate discusses erasing parental control of alcohol

Published Aug. 21, 2009

The practice of parents allowing their children to tip back a few in their presence could be finished as the state legislative assault on drinking continues in the form of Senate Bill 30. The bill would ban parents from letting their kids drink until they are 18. There currently is no such prohibition.


Memories of fake I.D. adventures

Published Feb. 23, 2009

The staff has been legal for a while now, but not for so long that they forgot what it was like to be underage and willing to bend the law for a case of cheap beer. Here are their stories.

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