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Wisconsin wineries guide

Published April 21, 2013

Thanks to our climate, it's unlikely Wisconsin will ever become a wine lover's destination, although with Bordeaux winemakers buying up land in the south of England thanks to global warming, who knows! But that doesn't mean that some hearty Dairylanders aren't giving oenology the old college try. Here are some of the wineries closest to Southeastern Wisconsin.


Vetro Winery has moved

Published Oct. 10, 2011

After a number of years in Concord, near Ixonia, Bill and La Verne Vetrano have moved their Vetro Winery down the road to Jefferson.


Wine amendment has state vintners simmering

Published July 6, 2007

A new budget amendment proposed by Wisconsin State Senator Russ Decker (D-Weston) has popped the corks of Wisconsin winemakers and has even drawn the attention of Forbes magazine.


Take the Milwaukee Challenge: Cedar Creek vs. Vetro Wineries

Published June 1, 2006

Pitting Milwaukee's best wines against each other in a taste test was particularly challenging -- because Milwaukee doesn't have any wineries within city limits. But after expanding our search radius a bit, all five testers tepidly picked the same winner.


Two area wineries are growing reputations

Published Oct. 4, 2004

If you've got a taste for wine and prefer to live the "Slow Food" philosophy and support your local wineries, there are two in southeastern Wisconsin that are growing their profiles, if not their own grapes.

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