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The real winners and losers of the 2017 Golden Globes

Published Jan. 9, 2017

Last night, the Golden Globes officially kicked off awards season, announcing its bizarre yet not bizarre enough to be all that interesting winners. But who really won and lost at Sunday night's ceremony? Let's break it down.


"Prisoners" an exquisitely made, exhausting emptiness

Published Sept. 20, 2013

The new thriller "Prisoners" wants its themes to inspire challenging and passionate discussions. It wants to force you to look at yourself and your morality. It wants to haunt your dreams. It wants to be these things - and it's artfully crafted enough to almost convince you it is - but as my parents once told me during middle school basketball try-outs, there's something to be said about knowing your limitations.


Cliched "Won't Back Down" really should have

Published Sept. 28, 2012

I'm sure the people behind "Won't Back Down" knew what they were doing when they decided to release this public school politics firebomb to theaters when they did. And you know what? It was the smartest thing they could have done. It's got nothing to offer cinematically speaking, so plucking the country's discords is a genius piece of movie marketing.


"The Help" shows a piece of American history

Published Aug. 11, 2011

"The Help" is a 1960s period piece (if it's not too early to call it that) that takes place in the Deep South during the Jim Crow years. It shows a life where black people are not confined to the constructs of slavery anymore, but something that closely resembles it.

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Rev. Ron reviews "Prisoners"

For some reason or another, this film entered my back burner and was forgotten about for awhile. While I wanted to see it and was sold on the trailer when it came out, I didn't feel a burning desire to jump on the opportunity to watch it. Even when the DVD came out, I didn't feel myself risi...

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