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Our favorite Christmas movies

Published Dec. 22, 2016

There are seemingly hundreds of Christmas movies scattered across the entertainment world come November and December. A few, however, manage to become true classics, beloved for years. Here are the OnMilwaukee staff's personal favorites.


"White Christmas" is a blinding blizzard of hokum

Published Nov. 29, 2013

For those with that built-in affection for the film and the sweet, innocent days of times long gone past, "White Christmas" might be perfect. For me, though, the show - which opened Tuesday night at the Marcus Center - was a whole lot of holly-drenched hokum, as fresh as a Christmas Day snow in the dregs of March.


OnMedia: TV's most familiar night

Published Dec. 24, 2010

We've seen it a million times, but how many of us will turn on "A Christmas Story" sometime during its 24-hour run?


OnMedia: Some last-minute Christmas TV choices

Published Dec. 24, 2009

Many of us use TV as a backdrop for our final chores on Christmas Eve, whether it's wrapping the last presents or cooking something that'll be on the holiday table tomorrow. Here are a couple things to check out.


What holiday TV special are you waiting to see?

Published Nov. 30, 2009

The big Christmas specials, from Charlie Brown to George Bailey, are easy to find on the TV schedule. But that are personal favorites that we search for each year. Sometimes they pop up on the schedule, sometimes they don't, What are you looking for?

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