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What's old is new again: Chicago uncorks Prohibition-era inspiration

Published April 17, 2013

While Prohibition shuttered The Glunz - which recently reopened after 90 years - the 14-year ban on booze that began in 1919 sparked the era of the secret world of the speakeasy, especially in Chicago, where Capone and his contemporaries ran the show. Now, the Windy City's passion for the speakeasy has been rekindled in a big way.

Recommends020213_storyflow recommends: Feb. 2, 2013

Published Feb. 2, 2013

Super Bowl coverage, body hair removal, healthy snacks, affordable specs and intriguing reads - find them all in this week's edition of recommends.


Live karaoke rocks!

Published Oct. 23, 2007

I'm the last person to admit that there's fun stuff you can do in Chicago but not in Milwaukee, but last weekend, I found something that simply must make its way to Brew City: live karaoke.

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