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Kelly checks in with creative endeavors

Published Dec. 14, 2014

Dasha Kelly is a powerhouse of creativity, action and compassion. She is an accomplished writer, spoken word artist, mentor and more. recently caught up with Kelly and talked about her past, her present and her future.


"Cocaine Vampires" book set in Brew City

Published Jan. 4, 2014

Local writer Jim Cryns recently finished and self-published a full-length novel called "Cocaine Vampires." Despite the title, Cryns says he knew almost nothing about vampires or cocaine when he started the writing, but he does know a lot about Milwaukee, which is where the book takes place.


Milwaukee Talks: writer and world traveler Gemma Tarlach

Published Dec. 19, 2013

Milwaukee's Gemma Tarlach worked in Munich as a chambermaid, went to culinary school in New York, got a Master's in journalism from Madison and worked, traveled and / or lived in Las Vegas, Moscow, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Norway, New Zealand and Antarctica. During the winter. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Local entrepreneur and mom hangs tough despite overwhelming odds

Published Nov. 23, 2013

Sara Santiago has made major contributions to her community as a business owner, mother / wife, gardener, home-brewer and bicycle gang leader. She is also an incredible writer who has shared raw, honest details of her experience as a professional, parent and person living with incurable illnesses.


Hornak's novel explores the fragilty of female friendship

Published July 28, 2013

JoAnn Hornak, a lifelong Milwaukeean who moved to California in 2007, has published her second novel, called "A Delicate Bond." This is a great read for any woman who has "broken up" with a female friend.

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I have never been an animal lover. Cats weird me out and dogs sniff and urinate everywhere. My husband and I discussed how it would be nice to have a dog. My stepdaughter and I had our hearts set on a cat. However, my husband had other plans.The past two weeks we have been looking at the local...

Don't Dream It's Over

 A dream is difficult to let go. Langston Hughes deliciously delivers the message in the poem "A Dream Deferred"  A dream put off slowly decomposes until nothing is left. A vision of the life once wanted was juicy and tasty. Now the dream as Hughes put it "sags like a ...

Life Of Being An Online Writer

Life of an online writer is really fun and enjoyable. I have been doing online writing for almost a year and a half now. Even though I have written about 62 articles to this point from the online website that I do, it has been really fun and enjoyable. Prior to writing articles for the site (wiki...

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