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2013 picks: Matt Mueller

Published Dec. 18, 2013

2013 began with me in a tiny college studio apartment, mildly fretting about my final semester as a college student and significantly fretting about the odds of me being employed. It ends with me working at my desk at the OnMilwaukee offices. In between those two polar extremes were a whole lot of movies and memories - both good and bad - that deserve a final shout out.


"Zero Dark Thirty" a dark journey into America's soul

Published Jan. 13, 2013

There are plenty of questions that haunt Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty." They haunt the audience well after the end credits have run and the popcorn has been thrown out. They also make the terrific procedural one of the most thrilling and thought-provoking films of the year.

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Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty is a interesting view at what it took to find the man responsible for 9/11. I had my doubts but the movie was pretty amazing!Read my full review at...

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