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Summerfest shuttle guide Image

Summerfest shuttle guide

Getting to the Big Gig doesn't have to be a big grief. There's plenty of parking if you want to drive and sit in traffic. But instead, why not take a shuttle to the Summerfest grounds this year? Here's a guide to a number of options all across the area.

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Paul Ryan Defends Trump and Fails

Paul Ryan defends Trump at the same time James Comey was testifying for the first time in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Ryan's statement is hurting Donald Trump unintentionally rather than helping him as he thought he was. A country run by a President learning on the job is not what America is comfortable [...] The post Paul Ryan Defends Trump and Fails appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Paul Ryan Defends Trump and Fails

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Vintage fest photos
Milwaukee has had a five-decade love affair with the Big Gig. We asked our friends at Summerfest to dig into their photo archives and select some images that best illustrate this mutual love-fest between Milwaukee and the world's largest music festival.
The 2010s
As soon as he arrived as Summerfest's new executive director in 2004, Don Smiley set about improving the grounds and facilities as a means for improving the guest experience at the Big Gig. That work continued, full steam ahead, in the second decade of the new millennium.
South Shore Frolics
The 67th annual South Shore Frolics, originally known as the South Shore Water Frolics, is all about community. If you live in Bay View, you'll be glad you do after checking out this old favorite. Proceeds benefit those in need and the Wisconsin Lions Camp.
Neighborhood churches
In this occasional series that looks at some often unheralded gems of local architecture and history, we turn our eyes toward some small neighborhood churches around the city.