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9:30 a.m. at RAM's Wustum Museum
1 p.m. at RAM's Wustum Museum
5:30 p.m. at Downtown Milwaukee

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Repurposed parking meters are being used to combat homelessness

Repurposed parking meters are being used to combat homelessness

Wisconsin Avenue welcomes seven new parking meters this week. Joining major cities such as Indianapolis, Denver and Washington D.C., Milwaukee will also be doing its part to combat chronic homelessness in the city through the Key to Change donation program. Milwaukee County Housing Division and Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District worked together to bring this initiative to Milwaukee. Photo by Lee Matz, Milwaukee Independent Repurposed parking meters are being used to combat homelessness appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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For English prof Bill Van Pelt, 'control' is nothing but a key

By Mike Holloway Bill Van Pelt clicks the "print" button on the outdated computer in his office. As his curriculum vitae starts to print, he begins to tell me about the roots of his mistrust in technology. "I wasn't always a technophobe," he says. A loud clunking begins to resonate from the computer desk. The [...] The post For English prof Bill Van Pelt, 'control' is nothing but a key appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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For English prof Bill Van Pelt,

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Lakes history archive
Tucked into the Frank P. Zeidler Humanities Room at the Central Library is a trove of data, photographs and objects detailing the maritime history of the Great Lakes. It is administered by the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society and it's there for you to explore.
Breakwater lighthouse
Do you ever wonder what it was like for the men who landed on the moon to stand on the cratered surface and look back at the Earth; to be the only folks alive to know the feeling of being out at a place that everyone can see but that no one gets to visit and look back from? I imagine it's much like a visit to the breakwater lighthouse felt - though obviously to the Nth degree - on a recent trip out there on a Coast Guard Aids to Navigation boat.
8 great Wisconsin lakes
While we may not be the land of 1,000 lakes, we prize quality over quantity and there are some great places for recreation and reflection within a quick drive from Milwaukee. Here are some of our favorites.
Big Boats MKE
Since 2016, Milwaukee newsman Ben Handelman - an anchor and reporter for Fox 6 News on WITI-TV - has run the Big Boats MKE blog and Twitter feed, sharing the comings and goings of cargo vessels and other lake traffic. It's fun to follow.