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Santa Claus delivered gifts for the state's sporting figures. (PHOTO:

Santa Claus delivered special gifts to athletes across the state

Against all odds, it appears Santa did make his trip last night and he dropped packages under trees all over the world.

Kids got stuff, adults got stuff and there were all kinds of gifts for athletes and sports teams. Here's a small selection of what was found under various trees.

Barry Alvarez: As head coach of the Badgers for only one game, Alvarez wanted a new identity, other than that of Athletic Director. So Santa went to court and got Barry's name changed to "The Gipper." Alvarez also got a copy of the script of "Knute Rockne: All American" so when he delivers his pre-game speech he can beg his team to "win one for The Gipper."

Donald Driver: He got a chance to catch one last touchdown pass that wins the Super Bowl for the Packers before he walks away from football with the same grace and class he showed playing the game and winning "Dancing With the Stars."

Clay Matthews: A spot with the Chippendale Dancers, where his victory sack dance would be more appropriate.

Herb Kohl: Approval for an itty-bitty sales tax increase to fund a new arena as well as help develop a Downtown entertainment district. Kohl also gets a firm offer from somebody real rich to buy the team and a promise to keep it in Milwaukee.

Ryan Braun: A Triple Crown.

Brandon Jennings: A big long-term contract offer from the Bucks, which he decides to accept before getting into free agency. The offer is coupled with a trade of Monta Ellis that signals the Bucks' commitment to Jennings as their point guard for a long time.

Jerry Kramer: Election to the NFL Hall of Fame, thereby correcting one of the great injustices in the world of sports honors.

The Milwaukee Admirals: More fans, not because they all love hockey but because the fans admire the pluck of this team.

UWM athletic coaches: New jobs at some other college as the leaders at UWM realize the futility of having a big time athletic program and the folly of trying to build a new facility in the most jam-packed area of the city.

Wisconsin golfers: An LPGA tournament at Brown Deer Park in Milwaukee.

Bo Ryan: One great basketball player around whom he can, once again, build an entire team of winners.

Buzz Williams: A new contract that includes the services of a full time tailor.

Dan Needles and Drew Olson: They get a package of viewers so they get ratings points. I normally fall asleep when thinking about locally produced sports programs, but these two are smart and funny and their show on Saturday night on Channel 12 offers both enjoyment and insight. They deserve an audience.


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