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County dog park guide

Note: The contents of this guide were checked for accuracy when this article was updated on March 26, 2002 at 5:39 a.m. We continually update the thousands of articles on, but it's possible some details, specials and offers may have changed. As always, we recommend you call first if you have specific questions for the businesses mentioned in the guide.

Feeling a little cooped up lately? Milwaukee's county parks offer many opportunities to take a leisurely walk, meet new friends, play catch, chase squirrels and sniff some butts. Sniff butts? That's right, when Milwaukee dogs want to play, the county's expansive park system is the place to take them.

From scenic riverfront land to areas far away from traffic, many county parks allow leashed dogs. The only restricted areas are beaches, athletic fields and picnic or children's play areas. And as long as you stay away from those and pick up all your pet's poop, you should be safe from any $150 fine that police can give out for disobeying park rules.

"There's nothing quite like taking our dogs to the dog park to tire them out and give them a good run for their money," says Elaine Laber, owner of a pair of Chocolate Labs. "It's also good for the social interaction with other dogs."

Rules dictate that dogs should be leashed at all times. The Granville Dog Park (located just north of Good Hope Rd. and west of Hwy 45 along the east bank of the Menomonee River) lets your furry pets run free.

Laber says that keeping your dogs leashed can make them more defensive toward others, and it's better to let them loose. "The dogs get along with each other better when they're off their leashes. We only leash them if we have to, but we tend to patronize the parks that let them go free."

Laber also says the dogs at parks are generally well-behaved and friendly to each other, though that's not always the case. "We don't see many fights, but when we do, they are usually the breeds you'd expect, like Rotweilers and Pit Bull Terriers," she says.

So leash at your own risk, but dog park regulars say that they rarely encounter fines for letting their pooches off their ropes. Here's a list of almost 30 Milwaukee County Parks that are dog-friendly:

  • Bay View, S. Lake Dr. & Oklahoma Ave.
  • Bender, 4600 E. Oakwood Rd.
  • Caesar's, 1541 N. Cambridge St.
  • Cudahy, 3000 E. Ramsey Ave.
  • Cudahy Nature Preserve, 500 E. College Ave.
  • Doctors, 1870 E. Fox Ln.
  • Estabrook (east side of park), 4400 N. Estabrook Dr.
  • Franklin, 10400 W. Oakwood Rd.
  • Grant, 215 Lake Dr.
  • Hales Corners, 5765 S. New Berlin Rd.
  • Holt, 3300 S. 106 St.
  • Kohl, N. 76 St. & W. County Line Rd.
  • Lake, 3233 E. Kenwood Blvd.
  • Lincoln Creek Parkway, 46 St. to 34 St.
  • Lincoln Memorial Drive Parklands, N. Lake Dr. to Wahl & Park Place-- No dogs allowed on Bradford Beach
  • Little Menomonee River Parkway, Mill Rd. to Silver Spring Dr.
  • Maitland, 6001 S. 13 St.
  • Menomonee River Parkway, Grantosa to Concordia and Center St. to Church St.-- No dogs allowed from Grantosa to Silver Spring
  • Milwaukee River Parkway, Good Hope to Bender sidewalk only on the east side of the street
  • Mitchell Airport Park, 4446 S. Logan Ave.
  • Mitchell Boulevard, N. 52 St. & W. Bluemound Rd.
  • Pleasant Valley, 1229 E. Concordia Ave.
  • Rawson, 1400 E. Rawson Ave.
  • Root River Parkway, Lincoln Ave to Rawson Ave., Drexel to Oakwood Rd., and 27 St. to Oakwood Rd.
  • Sheridan, 4800 S. Lake Dr.
  • Underwood Creek Parkway, Bluemound Rd. to Watertown Plank Rd.
  • Warnimont, 5400 S. Lake Dr.
  • West Milwaukee, 5000 W. Burnham St


Dog Trainer | Aug. 23, 2007 at 2:01 p.m. (report)

Hey Folks, There is a problem with this article. People should always have the dog on a leash (it is a legal issue)! I am a rescue dog owner, and there are always some well meaning folks who think they "know" their dog and it is always that dog that winds up causing trouble because the owner is not in control of the animal. This is how dog fights start and let's admit it these folks don't pick up the poop -- real nice. Dogs are best kept on leash and under control as a public service when sharing public spaces with others. Plus, some dogs are afraid of other dogs and some people are afraid of dogs. This is why leash laws are important. As a public service to other park visitors please only let your dog off leash in an "off leash" park area. Thanks!

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OMCreader | July 7, 2006 at 5:47 p.m. (report)

chudnow said: what about Katherine Kerney park off of port washington north of brown deer road? off leash park

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