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Packers long snapper Brett Goode is the subject of this installment of Milwaukee Talks. (PHOTO: Matt Becker/Green Bay Packers; Brett Goode Twitter)

In Sports

Brett Goode, right, has a love of the outdoors and country music. (PHOTO: Matt Becker/Green Bay Packers; Brett Goode Twitter)

Milwaukee Talks: Packers long snapper Brett Goode

(page 2) You're active on Twitter – did you catch any of the wrath of Badgers fans being an Arkansas alumnus?

Brett Goode: Just in the locker room there was media in here asking questions about it. But none of that. Nobody really said anything outside of the building.

OMC: Your passion for music is widely known, as it is for some of your teammates. Tom Crabtree really enjoyed the pairing of Paul McCartney with the surviving members of Nirvana on the 12-12-12 concert to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy – if you could make a dream bill, who would it include?

BG: I'm a huge fan of country, so obviously I'd like to see both Hank Williams', them and Waylon (Jennings) and Merle (Haggard), see them mixed together with some new artists like Jason Aldean and Jamey Johnson. Those guys. I'm a big fan of "red dirt" music like Wade Bowen and Stoney LaRue. Cross Canadian Ragweed, they kind of broke up but now (lead singer) Cody Canada is in The Departed now. I'd like to see them all get together. That'd be a pretty good show.

OMC: The Resch Center can get some acts up to Green Bay, but with your schedule is it hard to get out to see live shows during the year or do you try to cram it in all in the offseason?

BG: Most of the time I definitely do it when I'm back home. Red dirt bands go to smaller bars and stuff like that so you're able to get in and it's not a huge crowd so you always kind of feel like you're in the front row. That's pretty nice to be able to watch that. In the offseason if there's a band over at the Resch I'll go over to see that but during the season I usually don't tend to go over there too much just because I don't like fighting the traffic and the crowd.

OMC: Speaking of crowd, have you ever used your Arkansas alumni or Packers status to secure some tickets for yourself or family for a big act you'd like to see?

BG: I try to avoid that. I love listening to live music but if I'm going I want to go with friends and family so we try to schedule that so we can all kind of go. I don't want to go if only one person can go with. You want to be able to spend that quality time with others so if we're not able to do that, we'll find something else to do.

OMC: Your bio says you were pouring concrete when the Packers called you in September 2008 – is that true, or a slight embellishment to your backstory?

BG: No, I was actually on a construction site (in Fort Smith). We were getting ready to do that and we were actually taking a break when the phone rang. It was perfect timing I guess that we were on a break and I was by my phone and I immediately dropped my tool belt and left, went home, packed up and flew up here.

Want more from Goode? Check out his quick video interview with last year.

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