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Nyjer Morgan and his cat, Slick Willie. (PHOTO: Tyler Jacobsen, David Bernacchi, Nyjer Morgan,

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Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan is one of the most popular Brewers players. (PHOTO: Tyler Jacobsen, David Bernacchi, Nyjer Morgan,

Milwaukee Talks: Brewers' outfielder Nyjer Morgan

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OMC: Because of your status as a ballplayer, and the fact that you make it known you're into supporting causes, do organizations come to you to help them or do you seek out causes?

NM: Yeah. People come to you and try to get a hold of you because they know your awareness. That's what helps out, having me going out there and doing what I do and then that opens doors for everything else.

OMC: Speaking of videos – you did a NOC TV bit called "Sh*t Black Guys Do" – what was behind that?

NM: That was spontaneous. I live life, man. It was just one of those things that was brought to my attention and I said 'let's do it.' I was either going to catch some flak for it or people were going to laugh. It actually worked out, they did a good job and I'd definitely do something like that again?

OMC: Have you seen the behind the complimentary behind the scenes video?

NM: I don't need to see the behind the scenes – I was there!

OMC: The director narrated the outtakes, and the back-and-forth you two had with trying to get the lines right. Was that whole process difficult?

NM: It wasn't hard. She was just trying to throw it out in her words and I'll be like, nah, that's not how it should be so I throw my own twists on it. So we kind of went back and forth but it worked out.

OMC: With having some friends in the entertainment business, doing some of these viral videos, does that fit in to what you're doing now as a baseball celebrity or something you may want to get into when you retire?

NM: No, I just take each day as it comes, man. I don't worry about anything in the future and stuff like that. I take each day as it comes, man.

OMC: OK – on the fashion end. You can tell from the videos and your public appearances that you like to look good. I had to get your thoughts on the "hipster shades" that seemed to everywhere this winter and spring.

NM: It's just a fad. No lenses? Stunner shades without the lenses? We were doing that in the Bay Area back in the 2000s during the Hyphy train man! Stunner shades on without the lenses. Nah, man, that's old school, man. They just brought it out to light. That's been a fad. That's already been done.

OMC: You're laughing.

NM: It's been done in the Bay. I guess it finally got out.

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